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About Senga Art & Space About Senga Art & Space

Established to showcase senga works by the members of Japan Senga Association, Senga Art & Space is the only art gallery in the country specialized in senga art.
We are eager to try new ideas for our exhibitions. We've done season-themed exhibitions as well as other special senga showcases. Your suggestions and requests for new exhibitions are always welcome.
Our goal is to become the home of senga art where new ideas are born and new artists are nurtured, through our workshop programs, and to introduce senga to the international art community.

We hope to see you at the gallery.

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Throughout the world and its history, cut-paper art has been recognized as one of the most commonly employed means of expression, both artistic and religious. In France, Denmark, Switzerland and other European countries, its techniques have been well-demonstrated by the wide range of artists, from street performers to embroidery designers to fine artists. The native Mexicans have been using cut-paper figures of God in certain religious ceremonies for centuries.
In Japan, people have always used paper extensively in their daily life, from small lamps and byobu (an ornamental room partition) to windows and even room doors. Origami (folding-paper art) , popular in America in recent years, has been enjoyed by Japanese children for many generations. The Japanese art (especially in painting, wood block and other forms of print-art as well as in calligraphy) owes much of its characteristics to artists' attempt to best present the unused portion of paper as a meaningful part of their work.
SENGA is a highly refined and complex form of traditional Japanese cut-paper art called kirigami (ki-ri-ga-mi). While kirigami is generally considered to be a traditional craft, SENGA, with its delicate combination of over-all simplicity and intricacy of lines, curves and colors, has established itself as a legitimate form of art in Japan.

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