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Senga (Kiri-e) Classes
Senga (Kiri-e) Classes

Every Thursday and Saturday, we offer senga classes in the studio next to the gallery. From beginners to those looking to have their works displayed in exhibitions, Senga classes are creative, mind-stimulating and fun. You can take them any way - once a week, once a month, etc. - that fits your schedule.
If you wish to check out the classes, please call us at 03-5648-707 and let us know in advance.
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Senga Classes
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Class Fees 1,500 yens/class
Class Schedule Thursday - 10:00AM ~ 12:00PM
Saturday - 10:00AM ~ 12:00PM
- Classes can be taken once/week or once/month. Please let us know if you have scheduling questions or requests.
Other Info. The list of necessary Senga tools and materials will be provided at the time of registration. The list will be prepared separately for each class. Senga Design Book will be also provided to help senga first timers and those who have never tried art before ease into the world of senga.
Workshop Using a knife Finished uchiwa
Workshop Using a knife Finished uchiwa


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